Pleasing you VS people pleasing

People pleasing isn’t selfless,
it’s just less-self.
— Kelly Summersett

Hi there!

We’re talking about people pleasing today. You know…

  • Making sure everyone’s needs are met before your own

  • Saying yes when you would rather say no

  • Wondering if you’ve done enough

These are common people pleasing indicators and even though most of us ‘please’ to varying degrees it doesn’t mean it’s healthy or that we need to keep doing it.

There’s a better way to be there for our friends and family while also pleasing and focusing on ourselves!

Tune in today and learn:

  • Why you get stuck in the people pleasing pattern

  • What it means, and most importantly…

  • The three easy steps to start practicing now that move you from focusing on others to focusing on yourself (and doing it in a healthy way.)


  • People pleasing is fear based and interferes with our intuition.

  • Why this is such an overdeveloped skill


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