A different way to think about pain

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We are designed to heal and our nervous systems are intended to move toward health
— Tyler Orr, LPC

Hi there!

While I (Kelly) was off skiing Darlene hosted our first guest!

Darlene did an excellent job interviewing Tyler Orr who’s an LPC specializing in pain and other medically unexplained conditions. Fascinating!  

Tyler explains how childhood traumas (big or small) can manifest into conditions and chronic pain.

He also explains tension in the body and what the brain is telling you to do using these sensations. This is actually going to be part of the free guide that Darlene and I are in the final stages of making for you (Your Donkey Mind’s three vital signals.)

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  • Somatic experience of pain

  • How your brain creates pain

  • Chronic pain

  • When trauma happens really early you get symptoms rather than memories

  • What’s at the root of pain and many other symptoms is powerlessness!

  • Our brain signals, in some cases pain, are getting our attention to do something.

  • You already know what to do and how to heal! Therapists and coaches are facilitators that lead you to what you are already capable of doing.


  • Tyler Orr, LPC & Chattanooga Center for Mind Body Therapy Contact information for this episode’s guest

  • Personal Transformation Institute Attachment and Somatic focused EMDR developed by Deborah Kennard

  • ACE Study Information on the study conducted by the  American health maintenance organization Kaiser Permanente and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  

  • ACE questionnaireLearn about your ACE score and what it does and doesn’t mean.

  • Free Under-Thinking Crash Course for all you over-thinkers out there! Learn how to make quick, effective, and intuitive decisions all the time.

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  • What is my body letting me know, our previous episode, also talks about pain in the body and how it manifests

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Kelly Darlene