Meet the coach, Kelly Summersett!

Feeling stuck is a by-product of giving a lot of time and attention to your B.S. Inner Critic.
— Kelly Summersett, Life, Health & Happiness Coach

I often get these questions from people...

  • What exactly do I do? What is a life coach?

  • How do I differ from other coaches?

  • What's my unique approach? 

  • How'd I get into the business?

  • What types of clients do I work with? 

  • What types of outcomes and shifts do I create for clients?

So let's talk about it shall we! Darlene interviews me for this episode and asks me lots of good questions. If you've ever wondered exactly what I do or what a life coach is you'll have a clear idea after this episode. 

Ever consider hiring a coach and then get stalled out? Here's a blog post I wrote about my first experience (I made it SO painful!) and I give a solid list of questions to consider as you evaluate your options. 


  • Learn more about me, my philosophies, the results I get, and how I got started.


After you listen to the episode we’d love to know! What is a bigger dream you have for yourself and what stalls you out from achieving it? Leave a comment below!