Living authentically vs. Hiding

Know what you feel instead of what you think.
— Kelly and Darlene

We’re wrapping up our five-part Inner Critic series with another overdeveloped skill we tend to practice that keeps us from being our authentic self….




You may be surprised to know some common hiding patterns and no we’re not talking about literal hiding as much as we are about emotional hiding. 


If you tend to get self-conscious and feel like you can’t be yourself at networking events, on dates, at parties, or in meetings you need to tune in so we can tell you how to think and do differently! Because being authentic rocks! 


If you’ve gotten something valuable from this Inner Critic series and want the opportunity to apply more tools in your’re in luck! I (Kelly) created a free workbook -- Get Unstuck! From everything that’s sucking the life out of you AND I’m bringing it to life next week (8/26) for a five-day free training. 


Here’s how you download the workbook and you’ll receive an email from me on Monday inviting you to join the private Facebook group — that’s when the fun, accountability, and support all start!


  • Hiding behaviors that keep us from connecting authentically

  • Overdeveloped skills

  • Tools to practice being more present

  • WTA - What, Then, Action!