Trust and flow vs control!

You are most productive, at ease, and in control when you trust and flow.
— Darlene and Kelly

Your mind is all about getting stuck in thinking patterns that do absolutely nothing for your health, happiness, and productivity.

One common pattern is thinking that controlling your body, activities, to-do list, other people (you name it!) is helpful and necessary to achieve your goals.

NOOOOOO! Exercising lots of control actually does the opposite!

We talk all about this today and help you see that approaching your day with more trust and flow is actually the best way to move through it.

And we give you a simple three-step process to start using every time you get stuck in control hell.

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  • Control is fear based and interferes with our intuition.

  • Our brains want to be as efficient as possible and chooses the path of least resistance.

  • Letting things flow allow for more creativity and productivity.


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Kelly Darlene