What's this podcast all about?

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Ever start a business? It’s messy. Ever start a business with someone who is awesomely similar to you? It’s fun and messy.

Darlene and I have always been ‘single’ when it comes to our careers but when we met last October at a podcast seminar during Startup Week Chattanooga we really clicked.

We realized that we have something pretty important in common:

We both want to change massive amounts of lives.

Since that first meeting we have collaborated a lot of ways to bring together our wealth of experience in working with people, transforming lives, and mixing in our nerdy brain science sides. The collaboration has gone through many stages and guess where we ended up? Back where we started — developing a podcast!

It’s funny that sometimes you can’t see the forest through the trees but we’re excited for a clear path now. It’s still fun. It’s still messy. And we wouldn’t have it any other way :)

Here’s some common questions and answers:

What’s the podcast format?

We’re taking all kinds of common and challenging topics (comfort zones, fears, weight loss, judging, over-thinking, politics, and even sex) and getting real.

Each episode focuses on why we tend to do things the way we do (even when we ‘know better’), weaves in the brain science behind it all, and then leaves you with a new and more productive way to think and respond moving forward.

Expect great discussions mixed with fun and 'ah-ha's' because that’s the way we roll :)

How are you going to change brains?

Our brains are a bit crazy and they tend to work on auto-pilot and logic…the exact things that keep us from being more awesome in our lives. We help you engage the part of your brain that doesn’t use logic or words (which is 95%!) and that’s how change takes place!

When you understand how your brain works you’re empowered to shift how your brain works.

When does the podcast launch?

Our launch date is early November and we’re planning a Launch Party (including a REAL one for those local to Chattanooga) so stay tuned!

How can I help?

That’s our favorite question :) How much time do you have?

5 seconds? Like our Facebook page

10 seconds? Like our Facebook and Instagram pages

15 seconds? Like our Facebook and Instagram pages and pages and share them with your friends.

Here’s a quick copy and paste: This podcast is about changing the way we think. Sounds cool and wanted to share with you!

What’s in it for me?

For starters — a fun Facebook and Instagram contest! Starts Monday 9/17/18. Like our page(s), answer one trivia question per day and the person with the most right on Friday wins something fun, useful, and brainy!

If you missed the contest no worries — we’ve got more in store :)

There will be more ways to help in the coming weeks (because it takes a village to launch a podcast we've learned!) but this is a super great start and we appreciate it.

Thanks very much for being an insider and a part of our lives!

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