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In October of 2017, a counselor and a coach both decided to attend a podcast seminar during Startup Week Chattanooga, never having met before.

Both had an interest in changing lives.

Both wanted to impact more people.

They happened to sit next to each other during the seminar and started talking. Within minutes they knew they shared a passion -- a passion for changing lives.

Kelly is a Life, Health and Happiness Coach for people and businesses with nine years of experience creating quick and permanent shifts for her clients.

Darlene is a therapist and psychology professor for almost ten years and uses a very unique approach to therapy that creates very quick and lasting shifts in the clients she works with.

Kelly & Darlene = Instant connection!

Since that first meeting we have collaborated a lot of ways to bring together our wealth of experience in working with people, transforming lives, and mixing in our nerdy brain science sides. The collaboration has gone through many stages and we are so excited to get back to our original podcast dream.

It’s A Brain Changer!

Thanks for spending time with us brain science nerds! Look forward to us taking interesting and timely topics, adding our fun and a-typical spin, then mixing in just the right amount of brain science and poof!

It will change the way you think about everything.



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darlene mew

  • Born in Cape Town, South Africa!

  • Lived in three countries, on three continents - lots of stories to tell.

  • Mental health counselor with many years of experience in resolving anxiety, trauma, addictions, sexual issues and providing couples with tools for mind blowing relationships!

  • Crazy psychology professor teaching physiological and cognitive psychology.

  • Dynamic public speaker.


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kelly summersett

  • Started out as a Personal Trainer ten years ago and still love incorporating workouts with life coaching for people who want both!

  • Graduated cum laude from the school of Kelly Learned the Hard Way.

  • Publishes Motivation Monday for over seven years without missing a Monday or losing motivation yet.

  • Motivational speaker and lover of working with businesses who really want a culture of well-being.